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Deliver better Office 365 When Based On Business Value

A quote for the obvious

When you consider what adds business value to your agile systems, do you ever think about anyone other than yourself?

Wait, really think about that. It seems tongue-in-cheek, but do you really think about the input from your end-user?

When developing and deploying new features and capabilities of your products and applications, the elements that can be small but powerful are user stories and product backlog items. Within these tiny, unassuming pearls of wisdom often with hidden business value - waiting for humble product owners to seize the opportunity and to stand out against the competition. When your Delivery Team takes advantage of these opportunities, they can become Office 365 rock stars!

Wait - How Do User Stories and PBIs Make A Difference?

It may sound strange, but within the requests in common user stories are the kernels of great conversations with customers that are waiting to pop! Want to really add business value to your system? Consider the following:

  • How can you tell if the work being done by the Delivery Team actually results in value?

  • Is what has been built directly valuable to those receiving the end product?

  • What does ‘maximizing value’ mean in terms of behavior and decisions?

  • Are there different kinds of value? Are they equal? How do you compare them?

  • Whose perspective do we take when deciding what has ‘value’?

The way you answer these questions will give you insight into whether or not your team is taking the user stories generated by end-users into account in the process. This all comes down to common courtesy - treat others how you would like to be treated! When your end-user feels like their views and opinions are part of the development process, they will quickly add elements that bring value.

In a future blog, we will take a look at the real value that is found in having these questions answered. Completing a Sprint Review with the PBI owner will give you instant feedback on success and tell you what should be accomplished next. Whenever possible, be sure to demonstrate the PBI to the business at the end of each sprint.


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