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Is Chat a Better or Worse Tool than Email

This blog is driven by the ideas and conversation in the Steve and Marijn Podcast EP88: Where Chat meets Email check it out.

The changes in society have resulted in more significant impacts on the technological adoption of many firms in the last few months compared to the previous years.

Thanks to remote work and learning in virtual environments, the popularity of Microsoft Cloud services is speeding beyond anyone’s greatest expectations. Businesses are evolving from distant working to hybrid working. Fast forward to the future, the workplace will no longer be home or office but a fluid experience that encompasses remote and hybrid.

Stay Informed, Organized, and Connected-all in one place

The modern workspace is no longer limited to office buildings; individuals can meet, communicate, and build connections beyond the organizational boundaries.

Microsoft Teams is a productivity and collaboration solution for businesses. Companies can build a unified workspace based on data from Microssoft365 by forming teams.

When a team is set up, a Microsoft365 is created, and each member is immediately integrated into the modern workforce.

Microsoft Teams provides a single location for chats, meetings, files, and data for employees to efficiently and effectively deliver their business objectives.

Marijn and Steve, two seasoned Microsoft 365 and SharePoint professionals, delve into how chats and emails provide holistic solutions in various scenarios in EP88: Where Chat meets Email of the Office365Distilled podcast.

Chats vs. Emails

There are conflicting views concerning the effectiveness of different communication channels and whether they are replaceable or vital. Emails and instant messaging are at the center of the most recent tussle.

Email use is constantly rising with businesses adopting inbound marketing through lead generation, providing an essential aspect of teamwork. However, they are often inconvenient, overpowering, and far from the best option for effective team communication.

This is where team messengers come into play, with considerable productivity and cooperation advantages.

When is it Appropriate to Send an Email?

Emails create productivity and collaboration where instant messages fail to deliver. This strategy can be positive or negative, depending on the addressed situation.

While sending a simple reminder or asking a brief question by email may be a faulty strategy, it is considered a viable option when it comes to:

  • Organizing an interview

  • Getting in touch with a new customer for the first time

  • Sending a contract

  • Taking care of disciplinary actions

Emails create a clear paper trail, are simpler to follow and preserve and are essential for more formal discussions.

Why You Should Adopt A Chat 1st Mentality Across Your Business

The spontaneity of human contact is what makes it so enjoyable. Mails, without a doubt, don't have much of it. Furthermore, the comfort of receiving replies is a critical component.

Here are reasons why a good Chat adoption plan can reduce emails;

  • Chats are instantaneous; there's no need to wait for team members to open an email.

  • The message is quickly received on the device whenever the receiver is online, and alerts guarantee that received messages are acknowledged.

  • It's responsive—unlike email, instant messaging tends to prompt a quicker response.

  • People are more likely to respond quickly in general.

  • It's clear and concise - the difference between email and instant messaging is that the latter is generally succinct and to the point.

  • Instant messaging follows the informal principles of a casual discussion in a stream of consciousness approach.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Productivity and Collaboration

Email dominates inter-organizational communication and is widely regarded as a transactional and legally binding medium. It is, therefore, unlikely to be phased out anytime soon.

Experts believe that emails should be the primary substitute for intra-organizational communication.

The threaded conversations help maintain a comparable rhythm to discussions while offering a more amicable way to efficiently share knowledge and information.

Understanding what application to use is a crucial requirement for the adoption and change program associated with the move to Microsoft365.

Let Steve and Marijn guide you and your teams through the best ways to use, implement, and guide the adaption of Office 365 for your team (with a few drinks along the way!).

Download and listen wherever you get your podcast Https:// .


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