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A series of talks looking at the Strategy, Humanity, Technical Decisions and Governance associated with M365 adoption, and the long, medium & short terms needs that breed success.

  • Recent Achievements
    ~ Defining MS Teams meeting strategy for Hybrid working Manufacturing | Engineering & Construction | Ecommerce ~ Created Taxonomy and focused Term Sites Banking | Manufacturing | Local Government | Retail ~ Power Platform Governance Defined and documented Manufacturing | Banking ~ Created Centre of Excellence Site defining the M365 Service descriptions Manufacturing | Banking ~ Build Security model for Microsoft Groups and Sites in M365 Banking | Manufacturing | Local Government | Retail ~ Defined Migration strategy and Delivery Process Banking | Manufacturing | Local Government | Retail ~ Microsoft365 SharePoint Governance and Collaboration Strategy Banking | Manufacturing | Retail
  • Qualifications Profile
    Making knowledge work for you is my goal. To find out more, check out my experience, or download my CV from the home page. As an experienced and solutions-driven director, with a career spanning over 30 years, I offer a proven track record of results delivery, and high-level business improvement within the IT sector. Having led high performing staff, processes, strategies and projects across a range of business sectors, I have the credibility and gravitas to influence at the very highest of levels. I define knowledge as information that makes business successful. However, in many companies, knowledge is missing, sometimes never to be found. On a practical level, I use cloud based Microsoft 365 to ensure that the right information is available across your organisation through identification, classification and protection of content. This keeps it safe from competitors, and removes the risk of data loss. I have delivered this in many different positions, both permanent and temporary, as an IT director/manager, an Office 365/SharePoint architect, or a consultant. If you want to discuss how the cloud is changing the IT industry, email me at and let’s set up a 15-minute conversation with a view to creating a win-win situation.
  • Core Competencies
    Technically adept: ~ Content Development & Microsoft365 build ~ Collaboration Strategist ~ Agile working practices (certified SM) ~ Defining Microsoft365 roadmap ~ Transparency and maintaining business Relations ~ Solution Research and Analysis ~ Cross-functional Collaboration ~ Ability to deliver quickly with quality ~ Honest and open Transparency ~ Strong Leadership attributes

The Plan to Evolve
 Workshop & Program


THE Program

Ready to move your M365 program to the next level  or just starting your cloud collaboration project?

Plan to Evolve will provide the platform for your next change for mature Tenants or brand new Collaborations in the cloud.


The program provides the ideal discussion workshop and provides measured reporting as well as your next steps and vision descriptions in a series of One Page reports for easy sharing and distribution

Add value to your conference or IT Management away day.  Plan to Evolve workshops provide an Interactive, thoughtful assessment of the delegates cloud journey 

Designed to measure the Cold Hard True of your current status and identify the areas that will provide best value as your tenant service evolve

If you are just starting or working out where to go next attendees of the workshop take away their next step

THE Workshop

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