A series of talks looking at the Strategy, Humanity, Technical Decisions and Governance associated with M365 adoption, and the long, medium & short terms needs that breed success.

Humanization of the Company transformation

The individual human has a lot to cope with both mentally and sometime physically as Hybrid working becomes normal. We discuss the Humanization the process both as processes for the HR team, governance from the project team and technically with the insights from Viva.

In simple terms the decision for M365 is not made by the end user. We look culturally at what this means and how to identify value for the individual. Provide the right kind of communication planning for acceptance of the adoption and measurement opportunities to obtain positive responses to the user workforce.

Securing your content

Securing your content used to be easy with SharePoint groups. Today we have a dynamic set of security tools covering containers, business separation and intelligence integrated within the content. Within the session we look at the security layers, the members of the transformation team and their role in the decision making that defines the security governance. From this document you can configure and apply your security strategy.

M365 produce many layers of content protection starting with the basic site security model which then adds on the Sharing strategy defined by the access governance. This is complicated by defining this layer with different sharing policies on different sites. Lay on top of this the Ethical barrier capability of ‘Information Barriers’ and finally sensitivity labels to add in another level of intelligent of content control.

Tactical 30-day SPO and MS Team roll out program

Tactical delivery is defined as an action taken now with the knowledge that we are aiming for a larger purpose. We provide a plan to show you how you can we roll out SharePoint and MS team in 30 days including a communications plan? This kicks off after your tenant is Configured.

We look at how your Microsoft 365 transformation team can drive adoption by a Minimum Viable Product approach that gets the applications out quickly and drives the mission of continual growth and improvement. This approach ensures maximum value to the business.

Strategically delivery of M365 you can walk away from

Strategic decision is a planning and thinking process to achieve Overall aims and Interests. This session is a sprint from M365 Concept to Operational readiness providing you with an outline plan. Creating an End-to-End transformation team is the driver for victory. You take away the structure of the Team that can define your M365 strategy and identifying the roles and responsibilities to ensure success.

Microsoft365 is a strategic decision, and we look at techniques for ensuring appropriate buy in and ability to focus on the continual delivery of a sustainable service designed to move the company forward.

Plan to Evolve: The Company

Under Construction


The Plan to Evolve
 Workshop & Program


THE Program

Ready to move your M365 program to the next level  or just starting your cloud collaboration project?

Plan to Evolve will provide the platform for your next change for mature Tenants or brand new Collaborations in the cloud.


The program provides the ideal discussion workshop and provides measured reporting as well as your next steps and vision descriptions in a series of One Page reports for easy sharing and distribution

Add value to your conference or IT Management away day.  Plan to Evolve workshops provide an Interactive, thoughtful assessment of the delegates cloud journey 

Designed to measure the Cold Hard True of your current status and identify the areas that will provide best value as your tenant service evolve

If you are just starting or working out where to go next attendees of the workshop take away their next step

THE Workshop