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Nintendo D3S or whatever....

Was incredibly impressed with my daughters 3D Nintendo this afternoon... yes I have now let her play with it after testing it to make sure it is safe :-)

The 3D is very good and works without Glasses but you do need to be a set distance away from the small screen to get the full effect which is pretty impressive (Full size TV's using similar technology are being developed).

Now as much as the 3D is great, the games that use the camera to place the action on your kitchen table are way better... you place a card on the table and focus the game onto the card at which point a dragon appears sitting on the table with targets front, rear and side which have to be shot by walking around the table... the Dragon launches itself at you in 3D and when shot disappears down a hole in the table.... pure magic and again very impressive.

I have to keep telling myself that this is a game and I have seen similar I-Phone games using the accelerators to turn you into a gun touting monster.

The thing is that before playing this game I was impressed with the graphical capability of my Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint slides and their ability to deliver a message... how much cooler would that message be if it was delivered by a dragon that steps out of the audience... walks onto the stage and delivers the Key statements of the presentation to thunderous applause....

This is a great application that I can use in my classroom or standing in front of a conference... the only problem that seems to stop it is.... its a Toy... not for adult use.

Boy has PowerPoint got a long way to go!!!

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