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Trusting your Cloud provider with your content

Every day, millions of employees push SEND and submit numbers, estimates, and classified documents through fiber-optic cables. That data is often stored and transmitted through cloud-based systems that we all take for granted as completely safe and secure.

But is your data REALLY safe?

While many have jumped on the cloud bandwagon, organizations and governments have been slow to connect, wary of the possibility of confidential data being compromised by evil entities. At the recent Ignite Conference, Microsoft sought to dispel fears and encourage companies to continue using cloud systems by announcing several new initiatives and features. Microsoft’s own Frank Shaw, Vice President for Communications, appealed to attendees by reminding them that “...intelligent insights and security are paramount. AI is infused into updates and powerful new features in many of the tools you already use every day, and so is our firm commitment to security and privacy.”

Microsoft’s Azure Data Centers. But be assured - unless you are a military client, it is likely that Microsoft’s Data Center security is far greater than anything most can provide!

The giant Azure tech centers hold much of the incredibly important data sent over Microsoft’s systems. While reminding those at Ignite that security is a two-way road, Microsoft knows that the data belongs to you - so security is key.

At Ignite, Microsoft offered several encouraging new features on their end:

Microsoft Information Protection and Governance

Worried about staying above-board with compliance? Microsoft 365’s Compliance Center now categorizes sensitive information and matches it with industry regulations. Add to this the new Compliance Lock-Box - a digital lock-and-key that ensures that those accessing your data can’t see anything they don’t need to!

Microsoft Compliance Score

Score! Microsoft introduced the Compliance Score - an AI-based scoring system that looks at your organization’s Microsoft 365 configuration settings and compares them to common regulations and standards. Need to prove to your budget managers the need for more money toward security? Flash them the Compliance Score.

Application Guard for Office

The best offense is an even better defense - and that includes online. With the new Microsoft Appliance Guard, you can catch potentially malicious documents and files in Microsoft data systems before they can accomplish their nasty business.

Reading between the lines, these features show that Microsoft is willing to help raise confidence with clients doing business online. However, don’t forget that security starts on both ends of the digital cable. Make sure to keep your data safe by staying up to date with security measures, and use these new Microsoft offerings to stay on the cutting edge in the marketplace!


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