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Microsoft Admin Emails

Every week, every Office365 Tenant admin gets an email from Microsoft and I am sure like me you have Email rules that place regular emails into folders so that you can ‘manager your time’

BLOOM. considers Adoption, Governance and Migration as the key drivers for a successful office 365 implementation as there are few other attributes of a project that drive the “first time right” objective. Yet they appear to have such low consideration, but we will save that for another blog.

If you are an O365 project lead, Sponsor or even the project manager then I am sure you are more than aware that Office 365 as a product does not stand still. In 2017 Microsoft issued over 60 new features that ranged from improvements that some use to what must be described as Microsoft’s most success application roll-out in the form of Microsoft Teams.

This begs the question of how a project can keep focus when change is coming from all directions and 100’s of small updates happen each year. Well maybe this weekly admin email is the answer. Each Week it outlines what to expect on your tenant here are some recent examples.

  • A new feature that will affect any one using new Modern lists in SharePoint, anyone creating lists and libraries in SharePoint and anyone creating training material for SharePoint users.

  • This design change means the look and feel of Office 365’ launch page will change,

But will this affect Migration, Adoption and Governance?

Migrating users across from Files Shares or SharePoint online may well need some update training to show how Mandatory columns will react and new features for custom lists and those already migrated to Office 365 need to understand that their interface will change.

Adoption plans will certainly need existing communications to change for the interface change and if Spreadsheets being migrated to SharePoint lists is a key Adoption driver then updated training and worksheets will need to be implemented

Governance updates are key here and probably drive both migration and adoption messages because the baseline governance document defines the service offering and manages the business expectations.

The owner of Governance (individual or board) need to decide of either of the above will affect the service being delivered by Office365 as defined by Governance.

Not only the existing service but maybe future application releases or maybe a feature increases security meaning that you can open a new application or feature that was previously a risk.

As a project lead, owner or manager or maybe the business lead on the project then ask your Tenant admin to keep sending this weekly update and ensure you glance through the upcoming changes. Have a good week

The BLOOM. team

PS. No pressure but these are issues every week so whatever process you put into place for managing these changes needs a review cycle to keep ahead of the game 😉

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