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BLOOM consider career decisions

We look at why Office 635 project owners think smaller is better which is is driven by Risk Management and how BLOOM. can limit the risks enabling a reduced Office 365 timeline and increased Return on Investment (ROI).

Office 365 projects are career changing… one of the main reasons why consultants and contractors tend to lead them and why they choose simple, reduced functionality scopes. So, for safety they deliver a project with minimal change that look good at the end of it.

Does this sound cynical or close to the truth.

There is a lot of support for this kind of decision with the knowledge that managing change is the most difficult part. So, minimising the change makes the adoption easier, less configuration to manage, less decision making around which Office 365 apps to launch. Add in easier governance, less tasks in the project plan and a smaller team to deliver it. We all understand the concept of smaller is easier to manage.

But it significantly reduces the ROI and means that when you do roll out the next group of applications you need another adoption track… which you will need to pay for… again.

Management of risk is behind these decisions mainly due to a lack of credible information to make decisions against.

Imagine you are about to start on a road trip, you load up the car and start the journey only for the Car engine to start spluttering…. You would not cancel your plans without checking a few things, Fuel level, look at the engine or just rev the engine to see if it repeats itself.

We all manage risk by collecting relevant information to make a better decision.

BLOOM. provides you with all the ‘business user’ information you need to make better and improved decisions around your Office 365 project and delivers that information in the form of Governance documents and Adoption planning reports that can form the basis for the ‘end of project’ documentation. A Win-Win from any angle.

Imagine being able to understand what the business needs, what level of change they can currently accept, what their training requires are and what Office 365 applications the business need so your governance is organisation focused.

If you want to better manage Office 365 risk decisions collect more information!!

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