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Powerpoint presentation through SharePoint to anyone...

I mentioned in a previous blog post how we are able to understand the integration of Office desktop products and SharePoint 2010 from the Office 2010 information, whilst most of the really cool SharePoint stuff is embargoed until after the SharePoint conference in LA.

Well this journey continued for me yesterday when I was introduced to some pretty cool PowerPoint 2010 functionality that is pure collaboration... and a great business tool for those of us who consult for companies at a distance...


... I could even see the potential to complete a presentation at a conference without even being there :-) well at a stretch when the flights are delayed and you're sitting on a WiFi connection in a departure lounge at exactly the time that your presentation starts 400 miles away... maybe.

PowerPoint presentations

I am trying to think of a definition for the number of us who create PowerPoint presentations, I started at 'Hundreds' then went to 'Thousands' but this still seemed inadequate to describe the number of presentations we have created that needed input from a number of other people. SharePoint 2007 allowed us to save and distribute a link or start a workflow that let people checkout the presentation and make comments etc or update and create a new version.

In my last blog post I mentioned the ability for many of the Office 2010 products to have multiple access in real time to the same document all updating as needed through SharePoint.

Higher level of ownership

But a presentation needs a higher level of ownership and editorial control as it is a single person presenting the end result who builds the show to suit their style. This means that only a controlled run through is required as a sanity check of messages within the presentation... I have absolutely lost track of the times I email a link and ask someone to run through the presentation, for a check and comments... well this has just got easier and in real time.

Single button

From the PowerPoint menus a single button will use your SharePoint connection to create a shared link for everyone to connect through their browser and view the presentation which is being fed in real time from your machine... this is immenselycool even when you consider the new picture and video editing tools built into this new release.

So it just needs a conference call, everyone accesses the provided URL and the presentation opens in a web browser on the individual PC without the need for screen sharing... then you get real time feedback as you test and trial the presentation...

Looking forwards

Next year is going to be a very cool year and I look forward to the thousand of conferences I will be able to present at... without leaving my house... well that is until the Kids come home from School... Check out the enclosed link and watch the demonstration Microsoft Powerpoint 2010

[box type="download"]

Next Steps:

If you would like help with your SharePoint presentations or would just like to talk to a SharePoint expert then please contact me, I'll be glad to help:

[button link="/contact/" color="green"]Call Steve on: +32 54 51 84 46 or CLICK HERE>[/button]

If you have any questions, or would like to share some feedback then please use the comments below.

Many thanks - Steve

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