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Phone 7... step one...

On Monday I had dinner with my Son and Daughter for Christmas and she had some new pictures of my Grandson on her Samsung Galaxy. "Gimme Gimme", I said and she proceeded to enable bluetooth and to send them to my new HD7 phone running Microsoft Phone 7 system. It would not work whilst transferring them to my sons phone worked without a hitch.

For an instant I was disappointed but then thought of the great smooth interface the phone has, the very cool way it allows me to manage my business and communications. Regardless of the press comments I love this phone.

Keeping in touch with business

Now don't get me wrong, I would love to get hold of the game I played on the I-Phone that allowed me to shoot helicopters whilst spinning around trying to find them or be a sniper on a tall building saving the president, just two of the cool games I have experienced on an I-Phone... but the phone to me is about keeping in touch with business, family and friends which this phone does in style.

Built for business

Yes OK I would like to cut and paste and the send button is too close to the delete button when messaging in landscape but nothing is perfect and this is the first release.

In short if you are in business and communicating with people is key then go with a phone that is built for business... in my mind the Windows Phone 7 does just that simply, with style and very efficiently.

Can't wait for step two...

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