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Manage your Organisational Capability through Sharepoint

For 15 years we have been assisting people with managing their knowledge and information through the SharePoint platform. As the technology changes the features, speed, security and access gets better every release. The beauty of SharePoint is that it can be anything to anyone in any industry...

Imagine this...

On place for all your documentations, drawings and contracts, accessible by everyone on the construction team both internally or external access for your partners and independent contractors. A single SharePoint tenant in the cloud so any computer can connect under a fully controlled and audited security system.

A complete and easy to manage system delivering:

* Custom templates for all the legislated documents

* On screen app to ask the questions and record the answers to formulate the pre-construction information.

* Libraries for documentation

* Lists for Risk management

* Meeting diaries

* Much much more...

You can add people and take them away as projects grow and shrink and only pay for access when ti is required.

Call today and see how we can revolutionise your organisational capabilities.

Sei-IS Business Consultancy support many business in their knowledge processes and supports in site developement and build. Using SharePoint we manage and deliver knowledge through defined levels of Structure, Information and Knowledge. If you want to create a custom health and safety Management site that supports CDM2015 then give us a call.

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