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Effective Sharepoint training

I have been training for many years and never does it fail to impress me how much people want to learn and understand about the subject being taught. Well most people... sometime my students are dragged into class by their managers and have a week of learning when all they can think about is the work sitting on their desks when they get back :-(

But on the whole students want to learn and the comments from my students over the last 10 years of training they have shown that many if them have picked up a trick or two.

Student feedback

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* Excellent, Steve Dalby is one of the best instructors I had. He could explain everything.

* This is my seventh UATP course. Steve Dalby is definitely the best instructor I have had.

* Strong point: Instructor, Mr Dalby really kept the class entertaining and interesting, in my 20+ years working for the US Army, he was one of the best instructors that I have had the pleasure of being a student of.


The best possible outcomes for students

All training courses are different using length, content and teaching techniques to find the best method of delivering the subject. With regard to SharePoint we have found that for the bulk of end users it is Libraries are the key item that they want to understand. Unfortunately this is often a few hours on a 3-5 day course that in essence is trying to give the student as much information about SharePoint as possible. Unfortunately Libraries for Documents and Slides are probably the one thing that in the short term can bring the best value for new SharePoint users.

Power Day Libraries

Sei-IS have developed Power Day Libraries to answer this need of students taking just one day out of their week and fully understanding the power of libraries and the ability to share information from libraries across the business.

All the attributes of SharePoint library use are covered in this 6 hour day that takes place on-site in a conference room or meeting room.

Steve Dalby [ | 0032 497 332023 | 0044 117 230 2365 ] has more information on the success of this course especially as part of a business change program.

SharePoint specialists for over 10 years

Sei-IS have been working SharePoint for the last 10 years and our project experience add greatly to the training experience. 30% of any SharePoint project is the business change after the system has gone live and training of users is a key attribute of the change process that is required to ensure a successful SharePoint project.

Taking the concept further

Power Day Plus training takes the concept one day further for the business who wants to nail home the SharePoint change. We take the normal Power day training and bolt on a walk the

floor training session with all students the following day for a 20-30 minutes at the desk session looking at how they they currently work with document storage and how they can best use the skills picked up the previous day.

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