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Diverse Sharepoint in action

This week has been interesting with trying to complete a number of SharePoint projects. We know that SharePoint can deliver Structure, Information and Knowledge to an organisation, I may have mentioned it once or twice… but at the years comes to an end all the outstanding requirements that people mentioned last July suddenly appear in the Inbox as a high priority. Mainly because they suddenly find that their annual assessments have required some specific functionality in their teams and SharePoint as a Rapid Development platform can deliver quickly. Here’s a few example of SharePoint delivery for December:

Project Evaluation:

How well do we really deliver projects, well a team in Global Supply Chain wanted to be able to assess all their projects from a number of perspectives. From the Supplier, the Customer, the Business and to the project tem themselves. The idea of course is to enable continuous improvement.

Collect – Assess – Deliver

Using a number a SharePoint surveys to collect feedback on subjects like communication, delivery, management within projects the data collections has been turned into management data through the use of SQL Report Writer and publishing the reports through a reports library allowing all aspects of the project team to be able to view success and areas of improvement. Al delivered on Standard Licence SharePoint. It is worth remembering that Report Writer3 is a free download and can be pointed at any SharePoint list from any desktop….


When operation any machinery the operation manuals and safety documentation about the chemicals used need to be assessed and available for a number reasons. Currently they are delivered when equipment is new and maybe emailed versions are sent and updated. However unless a solid process is maintained they may not get to the right places meaning risks at a safety level are increased.

Shortening contacts points

Using a SharePoint Extranet we have moved the responsibility to the supplier to ensure that the latest safety and operational manuals are available from Source to staff using the machinery and chemicals. No Emails getting lost or forgotten in the daily rush of tasks to be completed. Often efficiency and improvement is just about shortening the contacts points between deliverer and user.

Remove delays – Automate; Collect – Capture – Report

We have other deliveries to complete this month covering a worldwide access to packaging Materials designed to leverage costs savings through sharing suppler delivery and ordering, helpdesk ticketing systems to manage Financial Questions and information gathering and Reporting from 90 worldwide location into a single Department that removes emailing and delays through a single site collection capturing business details and report. Life is never dull.

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