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At Sei-IS we have worked at the forefront of Enterprise Content Architecture with a focus on the documents, spreadsheets and presentations that together encompass the corporate knowledge.
Central to our role is the ability to track information and knowledge as it runs through organisations, bringing with it usefulness and adding value. And how do we do this? By making full use of powerful SharePoint software.
Of course, SharePoint can be configured in the most basic manner to organise content and enable access through a range of sites and libraries. But this does not create better collaborative efficiency than the standard use of computer hard drives and internal folders!
Instead, SharePoint must be properly configured to understand the flow of information around a company - ensuring the right people find the right content and that old or outdated content is replaced by new content in a timely manner.
Ultimately, this is what we do at Sei-IS. We design  SharePoint to become the knowledge centre of your business. We ensure the right people find the right content at a moment's notice - even on their first day of the job.

Pure Knowledge Nothing more, Nothing less

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