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Love-Hate-Relationship.... On-line v Classroom training

I like practical ideas and solutions. I live in Flemish-Belgium as a Brit and have watch this wonderful country base it's decisions on common sense... you purchase bin bags for your rubbish at 5 euro each for a single bin liner... and this bin liner is specific to your local community and rubbish collection contract (use any other 5euro-cent bin liner and it is not collected) so in simple practical terms, you pay for what you throw away. Recyclable items are placed in cheaper separate bags (which are not collected if they include non-recyclable items) ...Pure practical solution.

Over the last 4 years I have been involved with a project www.CDM2007.orgwhich strives to save lives through improved awareness of Health and Safety rules and regulations on construction sites. Regulation changes in 2007 basically made Construction project Manager and designers responsible for the Health and Safety on a site even before the first Porta-Cabin arrived on site. The idea being to design a safe project by ensuring no deliveries are being made whilst the crane is being erected etc.

www.sei-is.be defined the platform, design and managed the business for the first few years before last year's recession throttled back the project to ensure it survived until the construction industry revived. www.sei-is.be stayed with the project supporting it as required during these lean years.

On-Line training is a Love-Hate relationship you either can train from a computer or you cannot and during the design stage we ensured that we understood the customer and supported the teaching on-line but was similar to listening to a lecture and taking notes as the audience was older and had previously learned that way. Success was receiving awards from the industry and as we plan the emergence from the last 2 years of troubles a very cool decision was made recently... In true Belgium practical style.

The site still delivers thousands of hours of on-line training but the benefits are seen most are the customers that Blend... but whilst this method of teaching the on-line course in a classroom environment was proving successful WWW.CDM2007.orgwanted to stay pure to the On-line beliefs and then the very cool decision was made. Just give someone else the rights to train our material in a classroom and to ensure a smooth transition... contracting it free to ensure it is not bogged down in contracts and agreements and finally use the course-ware authors and editors to lead the course to give them a second income for the same work...

WWW.rooksys.com now have the ability to provide a Blended training solution because common sense broke out and CDM2007.org users have the ability to decide for themselves how they want to learn and understand Construction Health and Safety Regulations.

Pure Practical Common Sense!!

#ConstructionIndustry #DesignStage #Healthandsafety #PlatformDesign #ProjectWww #Recession #RecyclableItems #Regulationchanges #RubbishCollection #SafetyRules #wwwCDM2007org

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