Why we must screw up

We screw up to learn not to make the same mistake again... or to understand that something does not work... we adjust, we improvise, we restart...

Without embarrassment and with full transparency because we want others to learn as well.

#ScrwDUP is about open and honest ways of teaching others what not to do and help them do things better.

Iterative reset...

AGILE is about iterative changes, small improvements or changes that add immediate value. We all make mistakes but imagine if you have one large delivery of a product every quarter and it’s too big or too small!! 3 months work lost.

We should build things iteratively in small manageable ‘chunks’ that your customer or business representatives can assess the value quickly and mistakes are not so expensive… cheap enough to celebrate failure.

Experiment Extensively is Manditory

Iterative changes delivered closely alongside the customer allows for creative experimentation. If you have a 2 month deliver an experiment or good idea at the beginning can have a knock on effect but if we accept that we are going to fail and work in small Agile Sprints then the risk-limits of our experiment is more acceptable.

Small enough to celebrate and learn from but more importantly find new ways of achieving and freedom to things of better, quicker, more efficient ways of delivering value.

Celebrate Failure for its value

Constant failure is not good... but Considered failure is Valuable if not crucial to a team. Harvard Review said in 2014 “ In Silicon Valley failure is badge of honour and a pre-requisite for success—not something to be ashamed of ”

Prototypes and pilots are the way forward but not to test something that already works but new exciting innovative ideas and plans.

Plans that will make a difference if they work and are accepted as a step up when they fail.


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